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A QR Code Marker That Tells the Full Story Without WiFi and Works For Free Forever  

Read and Listen to Any Text Up to 500 Words Just using your smartphone

TombStory is a proprietary QR code graphic that is instantly decoded to text and voice by newer Apple and Android smartphones.

A tombstone provides very little information other than name plus dates of birth and death. Now on new and existing tombstones and monuments you can also include their full life story as told by an obituary or any text you prefer.

But unlike conventional QR codes that typically access a dedicated website for content, the TombStory QR code does not need WiFi and a website for anything. All text (up to a 500 word obituary or any story) is completely contained within the code itself.

The durable, engraved stainless-steel QR code plaque instantly displays the full text using the existing features built into newer smartphones and tablets. And the code plaque remains active literally forever with no fees or maintenance. 

A TombStory smartphone app is also available that offers enhanced text-to-speech capabilities. By just pressing an on-screen button, a smartphone will  “speak” the displayed text in an electronic voice of your choosing.

The QR code plaque is mounted to new or existing stones with weather-proof epoxy


Q. What if the QR code reader app on my smartphone has difficulty capturing the code image. How can I improve reliability?

A. Make sure the code image is not significantly obscured by grass or mud. If so, wipe it clean. The code image has a “recovery” rate between 7% and 15% -- that is the amount of code that can be obscured without affecting complete readability. For older Android smartphones, try a third-party QR code-reader app.

Q. How do I activate the text-to-voice function so I can listen to the text that I scan?

A. Follow the TombStory website instructions that follow for iPhone or Android to utilize their built-in capabilities. Or simply download the TombStory app, and after scanning the code for readable text, click the arrow button labeled “SPEAK.”

Q. Can I later make changes to the text contained in the code?

A. After acceptance of the text code proof, any requested changes will require a new code and plaque. 

Q. Where else can a plaque be mounted?

A. TombStory (TrailStory, NewsStory, HereStory, etc.) QR code plaques are also used for anything with a story worthy of preserving and saving. These plaques often use a header with a “teaser” prefix -- for example, “HOW IT HAPPENED” followed by the name of the story “The Great Flywheel Disaster.”

Key Features

• Read and hear a full obituary or any text up to 500 words

• No Wi-Fi or website access is ever required for anything

• The code remains active anywhere and forever for free

• Durable laser-engraved thick stainless-steel plaque

• For tombstones, memorials, buildings, and trails

• Smartphones instantly decode the proprietary QR graphic

Mounts to any structure with screw fasteners or adhesives.

TombStory QR code plaques tell the stories of buildings, event locations, historical happenings, or anything with a story worthy of preserving.


For iPhone

Go to Settings. Scroll down and select Accessibility then choose Spoken Content.

  1. Turn on Speak Screen.

2. Choose Speech Controller and turn on.

3. Choose Voices and select English (US), then choose Samantha or Alex or any other voice you test and prefer.

Open your smartphone QR code reader and scan the TombStory QR code

engraved on the plaque. Text is immediately displayed and can be scrolled. A

gray arrow labeled SPEAK appears on the screen. and can be repositioned

as you like. Just press the SPEAK arrow to activate the text reader.  

For Android phones

Each smartphone manufacturer using Android software has a unique way to

adjust Settings to enable its text to speech capabilities. Search the Web for

specific instructions for your phone.


1. Select Plaque Type

  • Laser-etched stainless steel assures accuracy and permanence
  • Discreet 3.5” X 4” or 6” overall size mounts where you prefer*
  • Rigid 0.10” plaque thickness is extra durable
  • Various mounting options with or without corner mounting holes

The laser-engraved stainless-steel plaque can be applied using epoxy adhesive or ordered with four 3/32” diameter corner holes that accept No.8 diameter fasteners.

Prices shown are for single plaque orders. Discounts are available for multi plaque orders and other factors.

3.5” X 4” stainless steel plaque

[ ]  Without corner holes $183.00

[ ]  With corner holes $195

3.5” X 6” extended TrailStory style stainless steel plaque

[ ]  Without corner holes $229.00

[ ]  With corner holes $241.00


For custom installations, larger and smaller size plaques are available in various thicknesses to allow additional space surrounding the QR code graphic. However, regardless of size, the QR code text capacity remains approximately 500 words. Contact TombStory to discuss your special needs. 

2. Prepare and Submit Copy

A. For aTombStory plaque, provide the name of the departed for the plaque heading exactly as you prefer. For all other themed plaques, provide the story title and category (HouseStory, TrailStory, etc.) or the “tease” line (HOW IT HAPPENED, THE STORY STARTS HERE, Etc.)

B. Determine what text you want to use, such as a published obituary or an original story, and edit as needed to a maximum of 500 words.

C. Create final copy as an electronic computer Word file (best) or print computer generated text on paper (next best) exactly as you want it to read. Follow these copy guidelines:

  • Leave no blank lines between paragraphs but rather indent new paragraphs.
  • Use only English alphanumeric text and symbols (no foreign alphabets).
  • Thoroughly proof final copy for spelling and other possible errors.

D. Submit final copy electronically to TombStory at or mail printed text to TombStory, P.O. Box 904, Center Harbor, NH 03226. A paper proof of final copy will be generated with your custom TombStory QR code and provided to you for approval.             

Copy preparation and final proofing by the customer is preferred, however, TombStory can also accept previously printed documents (like a newspaper obituary) with cross-outs, added edits, and other noted changes, and TombStory will create and proof final text for customer approval. A moderate fee will be quoted for these additional services after text materials are received.

3. Installation

Plaques can be mounted to most flat surfaces using screws and other mechanical fasteners or using a weatherproof epoxy adhesive such as PC-7. To install a plaque on new or existing tombstones and memorials, it is best to use the services of a tombstone provider.

Customer Information

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